S/S 24 "TERRA"

During summertime the earth darkens, the soil hardens, and the air becomes dry under the sun. Trees cast their patches of shade. The body grows weary, just after the harvest of spring fruits. Sweat grazes the epidermis, while dust raised by footsteps settles upon it. Patterns, stripes, and patches emerge on the skin, akin to those made by plows in the fields. Magical lines that predicts the renewal of sowing. Federico thus returns to his dearest theme, his homeland, but this time delving into its history, how it was cultivated, nurtured, and worked during a time of profound connection with it. The passage of the season, and with it, the diverse traces of time and labor on bodies and worn garments, marked by time, toil, and dedication. TERRA seeks to narrate a world of harmonious synergy, turning away from industrial exploitation and focusing on the dignity of physical connection with places.